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Electric Heating Pad for Cat

Electric Heating Pad for Cat

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The Electric Heating Pad for Cat is a wonderful freestanding winter warmer for your feline friend that will keep them cosy in chilly months. Designed for indoor use and crafted from a waterproof fabric, it's perfectly portable for moving from living room to kitchen to bedroom. Offering your cat a warm and snug spot to sleep, sit and snooze, it's designed to provide even and regulated heating for your pet so they can rest in comfort in cold weather months.

Ideal for cats, kittens and hairless breeds such as the Canada Sphynx, it's the perfect pet accessory for keeping them snug. The Electric Heating Pad for Cat can also be used for newborn kittens, arthritic senior cats, pregnant cats and those recovering from surgery or an illness.

Offering optimal warmth both day and night, the Cat Electric Heating Pad is safe, easy-to-use and is an affordable heating device that offers comfort and warmth when they need a snug spot to nap.Waterproof Winter Electric Blanket/Heater Mat/Heating Pad for Cat. Power: <800W. Use: Bedroom and Living Room. Freestanding. Area Heated: <20㎡Application: <10㎡Heating Element. Adjustable Thermostat Function. Voltage (V): 220V Number of Speed Settings: 3. 2 patterns, 2 sizes to choose from