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Herbal Anti Flea Dog Collar
2 PCS Grey / XL / China Herbal Anti Flea Dog Collar
Beige and grey / XL / China Herbal Anti Flea Dog Collar

Herbal Anti Flea Dog Collar

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Fleas are every dog owner’s worst nightmare. Equally unpleasant for the dog and its owner, a flea infestation can make life miserable for everyone in the house. Flea collars are an effective way to solve this problem, but many dog owners are reluctant to use them as they contain harsh and potentially harmful chemicals.

Now you can banish fleas without exposing your dog to dangerous substances with this Herbal Anti Flea Dog Collar. Using only natural ingredients, this collar will repel fleas just as effectively as any chemical-based alternative.

Made from a sturdy material, this collar will stay attached even if your dog tries to bite it or break free. Its adjustable design means that it will fit snugly around your dog’s neck, no matter its size or breed. The perfect guilt-free solution to pests and ticks, this collar is the humane flea treatment you’ve been waiting for.Waterproof Herbal Anti Flea Mosquitoes Ticks Insect 2 PCS Dog Collar with 8 Months Protection. Made of Breakaway All Seasons Plastic Material with a Solid Pattern. Size XL: 63.5cm (Adjustable). Expiration Date (If always sealed )can last up to 2 years