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Dog Harness Trixie Top Trainer Training Harness S 22cm

Trixie Top Trainer Training Harness S 22cm

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Are you looking to gain better control on walks with your dog and make it easier to manage them when they're on the lead? The Trixie Top Trainer Training Harness S 22cm is the ideal companion for training your dog. Designed with robust webbing tape and engineered so that no extra strength is needed when leading your dog, this training harness discourages pulling by redirecting your dog's focus in a comfortable and safe way.

A training harness is far more beneficial than using a collar which can sometimes choke or hurt your pet. The Trixie Top Training Harness will help teach your dog obedience and is a fantastic accessory for all non-short nosed breeds. Affordable, durable and safe, it's perfect for reactive dogs who need a little extra help whilst being trained.

A training harness isn't for long term use, but instead can be used as an educational tool to help your dog progress, become competent at recall and focused on walking happily by your side at all times.

Dog harness with leading on snout strap to determine rank. Safe hold without needing strength. The dog's eye contact, to e.g. other dogs, can be interrupted by gentle tugs. For training purposes, not for continuous use as a walking harness. XL-Short size is for short-nosed breeds. Size: S (22 cm), M (27 cm), L (31 cm), L (37 cm), XL (46 cm), XL-Short (40 cm).