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Lifting Harness For Dog
Blue / XS Lifting Harness For Dog

Lifting Harness For Dog

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With a lifting harness for dogs, you can help your older, recovering, or injured dog get around more easily. If your pet gets hurt, this dog mobility harness is a great way to help them get around while they recover. It is one of the best mobility dog support harnesses available; it will hold your pup in the right places to reduce pain and help with mobility when needed.

If your dog is getting older and struggling to get out of the car or up the stairs, this lifting harness can help there too. You can use the harness on your dog as part of their physiotherapy when taking them for a walk. If you need a mobility sling for older dogs or a dog lifting harness, this is the ideal solution. The harness is made from high-quality materials and is padded for extra support and to help you lift the dog's weight without causing pain or stress.

Rehabilitation Vest Lifting Harness For Elderly Dog. Breakaway, Padded, Reflective, Quick Release Harness in a Solid Pattern made from All Seasons Breathable and Soft Nylon, Polyester Material with Lights which can be Personalized. Color: Blue Size: XS,S,M,L,XL. Best used for: Older dog, Dog with Injuries, Mobility, Arthritis, Post Surgery, Safely lifting dogs