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Indoor cave cat bed
M 33X33X33cm Indoor cave cat bed
L 36x36x36cm Indoor cave cat bed
XL 40x40x40cm Indoor cave cat bed

Indoor cave cat bed

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Cats really do love to sleep. In actual fact, they sleep twice as much as us humans. They like nothing more than to find a quiet and secure spot to curl up in for a nice snooze. A warm and cosy indoor cave cat bed is the perfect sleeping space for them.

Soft, plush, and very stylish, an indoor cave cat bed will provide your kitty with that calm and safe resting place they crave. So after a hard day exploring, he can snuggle down and take a peaceful nap without being disturbed. It will provide a comfortable haven for your kitty, and you’ll feel relaxed safe in the knowledge that you know exactly where he is, bedded down in a toasty, tranquil and safe place.

The indoor cave cat bed is pure luxury for your cat. Made of 100% breathable cotton, it’s machine washable, so a dream to keep clean and stay looking fresh.