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Electric Lice Comb for Dog
Electric Lice Comb for Dog

Electric Lice Comb for Dog

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There’s nothing worse than a dog with lice. Man’s best friend can quickly become man’s worst enemy when you find yourself covered in bites and up all night itching and scratching, but luckily help is at hand.

This brilliant Electric Lice Comb for Dog will banish lice forever using the power of electricity. Non-electric lice combs are unreliable, relying on a manual brushing technique that leaves lots of room for error. Brushing by hand is also tiring and time-consuming.

With an electric lice comb, getting rid of lice is effortless and highly effective. Just a few minutes of brushing and your beloved pet will be lice-free for days. It works by releasing a slight electric charge that stuns and kills flea deep inside your pet's coat.

Don’t force yourself to choose between your dog and your own comfort. With this electric lice comb, you’ll be lice-free again before you know it.

Electric Flea/Lice Cleaner Comb for Dog made of Plastic to remove Fleas and Lice