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Cat Hammock
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Cat Hammock

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Cats will sleep absolutely anywhere. This is great for cats, but it can be annoying for cat owners, especially those who wake up to find a cat on their chest. Now with this Cat Hammock, you can give your cat their own private sleeping quarters, leaving the sofa free for the rest of the family.

Say goodbye to cleaning cat hair off your furniture. This Cat Hammock is so comfortable that your cat won’t want to sleep anywhere else. Made from soft yet durable material, this hammock is sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest of cats. Easily washable for maximum hygiene, this lightweight, portable hammock can be moved between rooms with ease, allowing you to find the perfect sunbathing spot for your cat. Everyone deserves a taste of luxury, even your cat. Give your favourite pet the pampering they deserve with this Cat Hammock.

This cat bed or hammock is made of fiber material in size 20*15". Available in two designs in size L, it can accommodate small, medium and large sized cats and kittens.