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Heating Pad for Cat
Plum Heating Pad for Cat
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Heating Pad for Cat

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Many cats struggle to sleep during cold weather. This is upsetting for them and also bad news for cat owners, as a sleep deprived cat is likely to be difficult and grumpy. Blankets are one way to keep a cat warm, but these will quickly become dirty and require regular washing. With this Heating Pad For Cat, you can keep your cat or kitten warm all winter long without having to pile blanket after blanket on your pet.

This electric-powered heating pad will quickly heat up to a comfortable temperature for your cat. You can set the temperature to ensure that the mat doesn’t become too hot during the night. The soft material combines with the extra warmth to provide a restful night’s sleep for any pet. Fully waterproof and easily portable, this Heating Pad For Cat is the safe and convenient way to keep your cat warm at night.Waterproof 40cm Bed Heating Pad/Electric Blanket/Heated Seat for Cat with Power <800W. For use in Bedroom or Living Room. Portable and Freestanding. Area Heated: <20㎡Application: <10㎡