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Cat owners often look to pamper their cats with one or the other toy. You can find amazing cat toys for sale online on our website. Most of the times the cat owners want a toy for their cat that does not harm the cat at all. Our cat toys are made with a material that is 100% cat friendly. Most of the toys available with us are made up of silicone so that even if the cats chew them, they do not get any harm. You do not have to worry about the price of the toys before buying them for your cat as you can buy the cat toys from our sale section at an affordable price. So, it’s time to buy some new toys for your cat and let them enjoy with them.

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Cat Winding Mouse Toy - Universe Of Pets
Sold Out

Winding Mouse Cat Toy

Ready to have fun with your kitty cat? Mice and cats definitely love each other so this is just great fun. Get this...

Diy Assembled Cat Scratching Post Climbing Frame with Swing Ball
Sale Sold Out

Diy Assembled Cat Scratching Post Climbing Frame with Swing Ball

Cat scratching post or climbing frame with swing ball made of sisal which can be assembled for those cat owners who also...

€48.45 €35.24
Cat Toy Scratching Post Tree Made of Sisal Rope
Sold Out

Cat Toy Scratching Post Tree Made of Sisal Rope

Cat Toy Scratching Post Tree Made of Sisal Rope made of Hemp material available in 14 Colors. 

Foldable Cat Play Tunnel
Sold Out

Foldable Cat Play Tunnel

Foldable cat play tunnel made of polyester material to entertain, stimulate and train your cat or kitten, as well as enable them...

Foldable Cat Play Tunnel
Sold Out

Foldable Cat Play Tunnel

Four-way Foldable Tunnel with 2/3/4/5 Holes for Indoor Outdoor use for Cat Playing or Training Made of Polyester and Plush Material. T...

Collapsible Cat Tunnel
Sale Sold Out

Collapsible Cat Tunnel

Collapsible Cat Tunnel Toy for Indoor and Outdoor Play for Puzzle Exercising Hiding Training Recreation

€20.73 €14.74
Silicone Cat Toy/Toothbrush in Fish Shape Catnip Flavor for Teeth Cleaning - Universe Of Pets
Sold Out

Silicone Fish Shape Cat Toy

Silicone cat toy/toothbrush in fish shape in catnip flavor for teeth cleaning to keep your cat or kitten entertained while keeping their...

Interactive Plastic Stick Feather Wand With Small Bell Mouse Cage Teaser Cat Toy - Universe Of Pets
Sold Out

Interactive Teaser Cat Toy

This is an interactive cat toy with a stick, feather wand with a small bell and mouse in a cage made of...

Cat Kitten Pet Toy or Scratching Post - Universe Of Pets

Cat Chew Toy

This scratching post or cat toy is in the shape of a fish stuffed with plush to keep them entertained and exercised...

Cat Scratching Post with Toy Mouse - Universe Of Pets

Cat Scratching Post with Mouse

This cat scratching post is easy to keep your kitty entertained for hours. Made of high quality natural sisal, it is durable...

Play Tunnel for Pet Cat - Universe Of Pets

Play Tunnel For Cat

Play Tunnel For Cat made of Nylon to exercise your cat and keep them mentally stimulated.

Led Training Pointer Pen Toy - Universe Of Pets

LED Training Cat Toy

This cat toy is specially designed for you. It can light and amuse your cat, help the cat exercise more and have...

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