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Leather Cat collar

This leather collar is a perfect accessory for your cat. The leather finish looks both refined and classic, while also being very...


Solid Leather Cat Collar With Bell in sizes XS/S/M, 16 colors

Cats love to explore their surroundings, so keeping track of their whereabouts can be a challenge. Keeping your cat cooped up indoors...


Adjustable Harness and Lead For Cat

Do you have an adventurous feline friend? We're sure they will love this adjustable harness and lead.Whether you have an indoor cat...


Anti Flea Cat Collar

Take flea protection one step further with our anti-flea cat collar.Unfortunately, when it comes to cats, fleas are a problem you're likely...


Leather Rhinestone Quick Release Cat Collar

If you want the purrfect collar with bling for your cat then look no further than our leather rhinestone quick-release cat collar....

€6.44 €2.76

Reflective Leather Customized Cat Collar with ID Tag for Name Phone Nu...

A missing cat is every cat owner's worst nightmare. Although cats are usually pretty good at finding their way home, sometimes they...


Cat Collar with Bell

For cats who love to roam outdoors, check out our unique cat collar which has a bell attached. The collar is lightweight...


Reflective Cat Collar for Cat

We love cats for their independence. But this desire to explore can cause problems. Cats can usually find their way home, but...


Cat Collar With Bell For Cat

The benefits of having a cat collar are many, and you can see them all here in this fabulous cat collar. Unlike...


Cat Collar With Bell for Cats Kittens

Cats. Infamous for hunting unwary prey in the garden: birds, squirrels, small rodents and even insects can fall victim to these stealthy...


Adjustable Rubber Cat Collar Anti Flea Anti Flea Tick Mite Louse

Take flea protection to the next level with the help of this anti flea collar for cats.When it comes to cats, fleas...


PU Leather Cat Collar in a Solid Pattern for Cat Kitten with Adjustabl...

Keeping track of your cat can be hard work. They are fiercely independent creatures with a natural desire to explore. It may...

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