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Anti Flea Cat Collar

Anti Flea Cat Collar

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Take flea protection one step further with our anti-flea cat collar.

Unfortunately, when it comes to cats, fleas are a problem you're likely going to have to deal with at least once in your time as a pet-owner.

While you can endeavour to deter fleas with the likes of medicine, it's vital to ensure you've got all bases covered. This means providing your cat with the best anti-flea accessories.

Our anti-flea cat collar requires no prescription, so it is an easy and accessible option to help prevent and kill fleas on your cat. The anti-flea cat collar removes fleas from your cat's body to prevent irritation and reduce the risk of disease transmission.

It will also protect them against fleas returning for up to four months. What's more, our anti-flea cat collar is made from soft material and available in a variety of colours.
This adjustable quick release anti flea tick mosquito release cat collar provides 8 months long term protection. Available in size 38cm to 62cm