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Banana Bed for Cat

Banana shaped bed/house/cushion/kennel made of coral fleece material for cats kittens. Available in 5 colors and supporting cats/kittens weighing from 3lbs to...


Cat bed

This cat bed made of taffeta material, weighing up to 0.26kg is in a sunflower emoji pattern and is hand wash only....


Cat bed for Cat

This cat bed or sleeping pad weighs 0.26kg and has a solid pattern. It is made of taffeta and is hand wash...


Cat Bed/Hammock for window/radiator

loCat bed or hammock which can be put on the Radiator or window


Cat Hammock

This cat bed or hammock is made of fiber material in size 20*15". Available in two designs in size L, it can...


Electric Heating Pad for Cat

Waterproof Winter Electric Blanket/Heater Mat/Heating Pad for Cat. Power: <800W. Use: Bedroom and Living Room. Freestanding. Area Heated: <20㎡Application: <10㎡Heating Element. Adjustable...

€20.86 €20.04

Flannel Oxford Cat Bed

This is a hammock suitable for cats or kittens made from leopard print flannel and oxford material, which can be used as...


Hammock for Cat

This cat bed or hammock is made of fiber and is in size 20*15". It's a suitable cat bed for your cat...


Heating Pad for Cat

Waterproof 40cm Bed Heating Pad/Electric Blanket/Heated Seat for Cat with Power <800W. For use in Bedroom or Living Room. Portable and Freestanding. Area...


Removable Cat Bedfor Window Sill

Removable cat bed made of Coral Fleece for window sill/radiator. 

€33.52 €32.52

Round Cat Bed made of Straw and Cotton Cloth

Hammock cat bed made from straw and 100% Cotton


Sleeper Pad Cat Bed for Cat

Handwash eco friendly sleeper pad in a solid pattern made of taffeta material and weighing up to 0.26kg for cat. Buy best...

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