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Your perfect pet holiday

This year, we’re looking to staycation rather than fly to far-flung locations. If you have a break in mind, there’s no need to book a pet sitter. While your furry friends always seem happy to stay home (and being greeted by them makes coming back that little bit sweeter), this is the perfect opportunity to take them on a holiday of their own!

Read on to discover how to take your pets with you when you travel.

Consider transport

If you are travelling by car, it’s easy to take either a cat or a dog – even smaller pets can easily stay in their cages and you can hold them on your lap. If, however, you will be taking the train to your destination, think about how you will manage with your pet and your luggage. Attempt to travel by car when possible, especially with skittish animals.

Think about the journey

Say you’ve chosen to travel by car. Does your pet have previous experience of journeys longer than a ride to the vet or the park? Try to slowly build up how long they are in the car for. Cats will require a carry crate, and some dogs may also prefer to travel this way. You know your pet better than anyone. It’s also worth thinking about whether they suffer from travel sickness, as there are medications available for this.

Book appropriate accommodation

Make sure that your accommodation accepts animals. It’s best to go self-catering, as not many hotels accept non-service dogs, let alone any other type of pet. This will help you to avoid any awkward arrivals!

Create a home from home

Keep your pet comfy in their new surroundings by taking their favourite toys, their cat or dog bed, their food bowls, and anything else they use daily. This will help them to settle in and make your holiday a lot more peaceful! Why not treat them to a new toy and some treats, too? Make their break as special as yours.

Has your pup packed his favourite toys yet? There is so much out there to discover together!