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Why playing with your cat is good for their health

We’re all aware of the benefits pets can bring to our health; reducing anxiety, decreasing blood pressure and reducing feelings of loneliness. But you may not know that we can easily improve the health of our beloved furry friends in return. And how we do this is simple: through playing with them. Cat toys are an excellent way to play with your cat, and here at Universe of Pets, we have a great selection for you to choose from. Here are the amazing benefits your faithful companion will enjoy.

Increase in exercise

Cats love to sleep. In fact, they spend 67% of their lives doing just that. So, the need to encourage our pets out of their cat beds, and to get moving, is of great importance. Our feline friends are prone to diabetes and heart disease, and ensuring they get enough exercise is a great way to ward off these problems. With a selection of the best toys, you can get your cat the exercise he needs every day, in a fun, playful way.

Reduction in boredom

The curious nature of cats can often land them in trouble. Finding your cat with cobwebs on his whiskers and leaves in his fur can only mean he’s been up to no good! But often, searching out the adventure they crave can be a challenge. Cat toys that are complex and stimulating can help relieve the boredom cats can experience, reducing the possibility of an impact on mood. Toys for cats come in many forms, from the classic electronic mouse to the foldable cat play tunnel. These great cat accessories will leave your cat far from bored!

Alleviation of anxiety

We’re all prone to stress and anxiety, and cats are no different. In unsettling times, the familiarity of play and cat toys offer a welcome distraction. Having a wide range of the best cat toys can keep your cat amused and interested, and ultimately calm and relaxed. Some cats are shyer than others and building confidence within your cat can be achieved through play. Enhancing the bond between owner and pet can also contribute to the alleviation of stress in difficult times.