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Why grooming your cat matters

With so many cat accessories available, it's not always easy to make sure that you have the basics covered. You've got your cat bed, and you've stocked up on toys too. What other cat accessories do you need to be considering?

One important cat accessory that can often be overlooked is a grooming comb or mitt. With cats being one of the most independent pets and the fact that they always seem to be pampering and preening themselves, perhaps you've never felt the need to give them a helping hand?

What does grooming do?

Grooming your cat is an important activity, and should become part of a regular routine. The key benefits of this are:

- Grooming will help remove any dust from you cats fur
- It will gently remove any dead skin
- It can remove loose hairs and help with any tangles
- It can help improve your cat's circulation
- It gives you the chance to check for any cuts or injuries
- It provides the perfect chance for you to bond with your pet

How should I groom my cat?

Among the cat accessories available, we have cat grooming gloves that are ideal for grooming your cat. (

If you have never groomed your cat before you may face a little resistance. Use treats as a reward for your cat and as a way to reassure them. A soothing voice will also go some way to relaxing your cat and allowing them to enjoy the experience.

Make sure that when using a grooming glove, you are stroking your cat's fur in the direction that it grows. If there are big tangles, that are stubborn, use your fingers to tease these out.

You can also use your grooming time as a chance to give your cat a quick check over. Looking at the condition of their teeth and claws regularly means that you will notice any slight changes that may require the attention of a vet.

Keeping your cat happy

Grooming gloves are just one of the many cat accessories that you need to keep your cat happy and healthy. As independent as cats appear, they need some love and attention too.