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Why finding the perfect playmate for your pet really matters

With our aim to pamper our pooch, the shopping list can soon appear endless. With dog leads, collars, and beds, as well as any treatments required, the cost can soon mount up. It becomes too easy to make toys for your dog a brief afterthought. Something that we pick up with little consideration as to why we are buying it other than thinking that we know we should.

Whether you are considering puppy toys, dog balls, or dog chew toys, the role of a toy in your dog's life may be more important than you think.

More than just a game

We have all been there, finding it amusing as our beloved dog seems to shake and throttle their favourite toy to death. Beyond a simple source of amusement, dog toys play an important role in your pet’s well being.

Toys can be used to fight boredom and be a source of comfort when they are feeling anxious. They can also be used as a distraction or a reward when you are trying to encourage or discourage certain behaviours.

Which toy is best for my dog?

Different toys meet different needs for your dog. Where stuffed cuddly toys provide a source of comfort, dog balls provide great exercise as they're playing their favourite game of fetch. Distraction and interactive toys are great if your dog is going to be left home alone during the day. These are toys that can be filled with biscuits or other treats but leave your dog slightly puzzled in discovering how to get them out.

Some puppies, and indeed adult dogs, have an insatiable need to chew. Ignoring this could lead to behavioural problems and even damage to items in your home. Robust dog chew toys are the answer here and will allow your dog to act naturally without destroying your door frames!

What else do I need to consider?

Make sure that the toy you choose is the right size for your dog; if it is too small, it is easily swallowed and may become a choking hazard. Likewise, you need to check regularly for damage to any toys. As pieces of rubber or rope start to come away, these are easily swallowed, causing health problems for your dog.

Dog toys are an important part of your pet's overall health and wellbeing. Choosing wisely can lead to endless fun as well as a happy, healthy dog.