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What's with catnip?

Ever wondered what exactly goes through your cats head while they're playing with a catnip stuffed toy? Seeing them enjoying the sensation in an almost seductive manner... What's with all that rolling around, the meowing, the growling and possessiveness that ensues once they have their paws on the toy?

The love drug

The catnip herb plant, which is a member of the mint family and can be found in Africa, Asia and Europe, contains an oil called "nepetalactone".

When cats smell this oil, their pheromones are stimulated as the chemical binds to receptors in their nose and this is when your cats' personality completely changes and they transform into a purring bundle of love. The chemical reaction brings out an overwhelming sense of happiness and euphoria that even the grumpiest of felines will eventually find difficult to resist. Reactions can vary from rolling around and rubbing themselves while sometimes even meowing or growling, to completely zoning out if they actually eat the herb. Basically, they get high.

Fun and games

Cats love to explore even the darkest of hiding places and so placing catnip filled toys around the house will provide them with endless entertainment as they catch the aroma of that all enticing smell. Even behind a closed cupboard door, they'll still figure it out and spend ages trying their hardest to pry the door open.

Friend for life

These toys can also be useful if you have an anti-social cat as a pet, or perhaps you've taken on a rescue kitty who is withdrawn and battling to settle. Leave these toys scattered around the house and your fur baby will eventually be won over.

As they say, curiosity killed the cat, except in this case, once they're hooked they'll never be able to resist catnip again.

What's on offer

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