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Three ways to make your cat use its bed; and not yours!

From one cat owner to the next, there's an all too familiar scenario: you've purchased your cat a brand new bed, but every night you find your furry feline snuggled up to you. Well, rest assured, with these simple tips, your cat will learn to love its sleeping quarters, allowing you to reclaim back your space. Let's jump in...

Tip 1 - Choose the perfect spot for sleep

Believe it or not, a simple trick to get your cat to sleep in its own bed is placing the bed next to a spot they already like. This could be beside the radiator, under the kitchen table, on the landing area, or even just by the foot of your bed. Most cats feel more comfortable in spaces that are hidden away, so perhaps positioning your cat's bed under the stairwell is an added incentive to get them to use it.

Tip 2 - Make sure it smells right

Your cat is used to your scent. When you bring home a new bed, your cat's scent receptors will instantly find the smell of a new bed strange, thus making it less likely for them to sleep in it. The key is to get the bed smelling like you/your home. Try adding some items to your cat's bed such as a worn top or a pillowcase. When your cat's bed smells familiar to them, they'll love their new spot.

Tip 3 - Pick the perfect bed

When you go bed shopping for yourself, you don't just pick the first one you see and go with it, you carefully inspect, test, and test again to find the right one. The same goes for your cat's bed (of course, you can't test it). See what your local pet store has to offer and pick out the bed that feels/looks the best. Try running your hand over the material to gauge how soft - or hard - it is. Measure the length of the bed to make sure your cat actually fits in it when lying down.

So there you have it. Three ways to make your cat love its bed. Sleep tight!