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The emotional benefits of owning a pet

We all know it can be incredibly rewarding owning a pet and seeing their confidence grow, but pets also provide us with huge mental health benefits too! We take a look at some of the ways owning a pet can improve our wellbeing.


There is something quite special about coming home to a pet that is excited to see you and wants a cuddle. For lots of people who live alone, the companionship of a pet is incredibly valuable. It’s also suggested that the companionship of a pet can prevent illness and reduce feelings of depression and loneliness.

Opportunities to socialise

Whilst it’s important for dogs to socialise with other dogs when out on walks, it’s also important for people to socialise too! Lots of people who own dogs find in time they can strike up long term friendships with other dog owners whilst out on walks or attending puppy training classes. Chatting to other dog owners can also help with gaining tips and advice on caring for your dog.

Sense of purpose

Owning a pet comes with responsibility, but alongside that is a sense of purpose, which can keep people who might be struggling motivated. The regular routine of getting up to feed your pet, play with them and have cuddles with them can help maintain structure and a sense of comfort in the routine.

Reducing anxiety

Owning a pet can help to build self-confidence for people who feel anxious when having to go out and socialise, plus a happy relationship with a pet can offer a huge amount of calming comfort which can also help reduce anxiety. Another great benefit of a pet is they simply live in the moment and could help their owner also spend more time enjoying the present rather than overthinking previous events or worrying about tomorrow.

Sensory stress relief

Humans need touch and physical contact, and the simple action of stroking a dog or animal can help relieve stress. The calming motion of stroking a pet is very soothing and for some people, it can even lower blood pressure.

These are just a few of the positive emotional benefits owning a pet can provide, so if you’re weighing up welcoming a pet into your home, check out our other blogs for top tips and advice.