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How to choose a Dog-Part 2

The decision to choose an adult dog or puppy will depend on your circumstances. Most people prefer to get a puppy, because they are easier to train, and because it's fun watching the puppy grow up. They may be unaware about the puppy crying all night for the first few nights, chewing any items left within reach while they are teething, not to mention accidents if they are kept indoors. The owners of puppies need a lot of time and patience to train the puppy. Puppies will need a consistent routine, and to be socialized well by being exposed to a variety of people and situations to become a calm, well adjusted member of the household. The exuberance of a puppy...

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How to choose a Dog-Part 1

The decision to choose a dog is not a decision to be taken lightly, given that most dogs live to ten years or more. The decision can be influenced by factors such as the space which the dog will share with you and the people living with you, as well as the health and exercise needs that the dog is likely to have, depending on the size and breed of dog you're interested in having.  Whatever you do, consider all these factors carefully, and don't choose a dog from puppy farms, online, traders, or pet shops. There are many online resources to help guide you about the different types of dog breeds there. In general, mixed breed dogs have fewer health...

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