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Introducing cats and dogs

A lot of people have had more time at home lately and have decided it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce man’s best friend to their family. We all know that getting a new dog requires dedication. But what if you have already got a pampered puss at home?

We know what you’re thinking – do cats and dogs even get along? In spite of the popular idea that cats and dogs are sworn natural enemies, they can develop deep and lasting bonds. But you will want to introduce your new dog to the household carefully so that they can form a firm friendship with your cat.

Read on for some handy hints as to how!

Consider personality

Don’t fall for the old trick of getting the breed of dog you think will go best with your cat. If you have a cat that loves to play, a lively puppy will fit right in. However, if your cat is a solitary older sort, bringing home a dog of similar energy levels means they are more likely to get along. Do your homework on the personalities of both your existing and new pet.

Make space

Even if your cat is usually more likely to be on your lap than anywhere else, make sure they have a space of their own before your dog arrives. A good choice would be to put their cat bed up on top of a bookcase. Cats love to climb and they might want a little time out. This gives them a safe zone. Add some cat accessories to make it special. You will want to set out a similar space in a different area of the house for your dog.

Work it out

Dogs are often high energy. If you have already brought your dog home and are struggling with them chasing your cat, you may simply need to exercise them more. This also gives you time to bond with them solo and will keep them calmer at home.

We hope that you feel ready to bring your pup home now – with the full support of your favourite feline.