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How to buy a cat toy your cat will love

Finding the best cat toy for your beloved moggy is not the easiest job in the world. What motivates a cat to play with a particular toy can be a genuine mystery. You can pay tens of dollars for a hugely complex toy you think they’ll love, and they’ll never touch it. But that sparkly ball of fluff you bought for 99 cents is the hit of the century.

But of course, you still want your cat to be active and stimulated, so you still buy them toys. Here are a few tips to ensure the toys you buy for your kitty hit the spot every time.

Stimulate their hunting instinct

While you don’t want a real-life fuzzy rodent whizzing across your living room floor, your cat probably wouldn’t mind. That’s why small toys like our <a href="">wind up mouse toy</a> can be the perfect distraction for an excitable and energetic kitty, whether they're young or old.

To a cat, random equals fun

Not knowing how a toy will move really keeps a cat’s attention and keeps boredom at bay. Best of all, our <a href="">interactive cat toy</a> allows for independent play, so you know your feline friend will be happily playing away even if you’re not around to make sure they're contented and busy.

Cats love to rip stuff apart

In the wild, cats use their powerful hind legs to do, well, what hunting animals do. As a result, cats often love a large soft toy that simulates the sort of prey they might catch, so they can give it a good wrestle. These sorts of toys will often feature a catnip pouch, too, so there's an extra temptation to draw your cat in.

Our range of <a href="">large catnip-stuffed fish toys</a> is perfect to keep your furry friend entertained and come in sizes ranging from 20cm to 40cm.

Cats are natural explorers

Climbing, hiding, burrowing, tunneling: cats simply love to explore everywhere in their environment. And you can add to their fun with tunnel toys – and a sturdy, <a href="">foldable play tunnel</a> can keep your cat or kitten busy for hours.