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How do you make your puppy happy?

It is essential to keep your puppy happy to ensure that they turn out to be a well socialized dog who integrates well with their human family. Some of the things you need to do to ensure the puppy is happy include picking the right breed for your household, consistent exercise routines, regular health checkups and the right amount and type of food for their age and size. 

For example, a puppy who grows up to become a big dog will become unhappy to be in a cramped apartment with a small or non existent garden. Some small dogs such as toy breeds may not need much exercise, while larger dogs may need to be exercised more than twice daily. Regular health checkups for dogs include checkups three times a year in their first year, neutering and dental care. Dogs also need to be fed appropriate dog food (and no, this does not include treats like human chocolate or cake!). They also need fresh food and water at regular intervals. You can find supplies for exercise and playtime for dogs in