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How can you stop cats scratching the furniture?

Have you woken up to find your sofa’s been mauled or your wallpaper clawed? If your family cat has been scratching up your home, this can be an expensive habit you’ll want to break. In the following sections, we’ll look at why cats like to claw and suggest some useful solutions to stop them from destroying your prized possessions.

Why do cats scratch?

Using their forepaws, cats scratch with their claws extended. Sinking them into a surface, they drag them downwards to loosen the outer husks of their claws to unsheathe new, sharper ones beneath in an action called stropping.

Scratching also feels good for them as it works their muscles and spine, keeping them hunting-fit. It’s also an action used to communicate territorially as sweat and scent glands located between their paw pads produce their own unique scent. As they scratch, the smell is deployed, sending a message to other cats close by.

Suitable scratching solutions

Among the best techniques of stopping cats from shredding your home is to offer them an alternative scratching post to sink their claws into. You’ll find a wealth of options to suit a wide variety of needs and tastes from affordable cardboard scratch pads that can be disposed of to well-made items using high-quality materials and designed for years of use.

While cardboard scratch pads can be quick, convenient, and cost-effective, they can be messy to clear up and will need regular replacing. They’re also not the most attractive objects to have in plain sight around your home.

At Universe of Pets, we stock a range of cleverly designed options for homeowners fretting about their furnishings. Scratching post climbing frames offer not just plenty of scratching action but platforms they can jump to or sleep on and swing balls to bat with their paws.

Our Sissal rope scratching posts come in multiple colours to match different decors and have been created to look attractive in any room. Made from hardy Sissal Rope, they can withstand an extreme scratching session, making them a sound investment. Browse our options online or contact us today for expert product advice.