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Choosing the right bed for your dog

You have your heart set on the perfect pooch, a new member of the family who will be by your side for years to come. Long before the time comes to take your new faithful friend home, there are a host of things to consider.

With the number of dog accessories available, it can sometimes become confusing to know what you need to buy and what you would just like to buy. One item that is definitely needed is a dog bed. Whether you're looking for puppy beds or beds for an older dog, we have a selection of dog beds on sale, but how do you choose the right bed for your dog?

Your dog's sleep matters too

Just like us, your dog needs some downtime: a chance to rest, unwind, and of course, to sleep. Your choice of bed can go a long way to ensuring that your dog can rest in comfort. Making the right decision on this important dog accessory is just as important as selecting the right dog lead and collar.

Shape and size matter

You need to ensure that the dog bed you choose has plenty of room for your dog to be comfortable. If you are choosing puppy beds, then you need to make sure that this is something that is replaced as your dog grows.

Any dog bed you choose should be big enough to allow your dog to lie in a variety of positions. They may choose to curl up, but what if they also want to stretch out? It may even be that you need more than one dog bed: one allowing for each of the different positions that your dog likes to lie in.

Some dog beds have sides around them and are usually round or oval in shape. These can provide great comfort when your dog wants to curl up and feel safe and secure. Mattress type dog beds can be great for those dogs that prefer to stretch out and lie flat.

Add a little luxury

We know how much your family pet means to you and that's why we offer added extras with the <a href="">dog beds on sale</a>. With heated options available, you can truly pamper your pooch.