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5 ways to make your cat’s day

Yes, you can lavish them with attention and give them tasty treats fresh from the fridge, but understanding your cat’s individual needs can help you really get that purr motor running. In this blog, we’ll run through five innovative options available that you can try out on your four-legged friend that are sure to put a spring in their step.

1. Cats love to climb and scratch

<a href="">Cat trees</a>, sometimes called scratching posts, bring outdoor style adventures into your home. With scratchable surfaces and platforms balanced on posts, these innovative options provide plenty of playtimes. While some cat trees have toys dangling from them, others offer soft plush perches that make a super spot for an impromptu nap.

2. Cats are curious

Inquisitive by nature, cats love to explore. <a href="">Play tunnels</a> have been designed for cats to dive into and find different toys to interact with inside. These tunnels are ideal when you want to take them with you on a trip or save space around the house when not in use as they come in a collapsible form that’s easy to store.

3. Cats love to hunt

<a href="">LED pointers</a> offer hours of entertainment and can even project a bright picture of a mouse for your cat to chase.

4. Cats enjoy tactile experiences

<a href="">Grooming gloves</a> are not only an easy way to relieve your cat of unwanted loose fur but provide an enjoyable massage experience too!

5. Cats need warmth to sleep

Finally, after a day’s activities, finding a spot that’s warm and comfy will complete your cat’s ideal day. While there are multiple beds available in all shape and sizes, specially designed <a href="">heat pads</a> can up the comfort levels of your cat. Electric powered, these options are waterproof too, ensuring your cat will sleep safe and warm all night.

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