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5 reasons to consider adopting a rescue cat

Are you trying to decide between buying a kitten from a breeder or adopting a rescue cat? Read on for five great reasons to consider getting your new cat from a shelter.

Finding the perfect match for your home

Rescue centres often go out of their way to match you with your perfect cat or kitten. If you have a rowdy family with small children, they'll know a robust young cat who doesn’t mind a bit of heavy-handed stroking. If you’d prefer a quiet moggy to snooze away the evening on your lap, perhaps an older cat would be right for you.

Helping not one cat, but two!

By adopting a cat from a rescue centre, you’re not only helping one cat in need. Shelters are almost always running at full capacity, so by freeing up a space, it means another cat who is in desperate need of help can get one step closer to finding a forever home.

Peace of mind that your cat is healthy

Most rescue centres will make sure that all of their cats are neutered, microchipped, and any health concerns have been addressed. They keep their cats up to date with flea and worm treatments and get them checked by a vet regularly. You will have to take on this responsibility when you adopt them, but the peace of mind that your cat is in tip-top condition is well worth it.

Not working out? No problem!

If your new cat really isn’t settling in or you discover they’re not a good fit for your home, don’t panic. Rescue centres really want their cats to be happy so will often take them back to find a more suitable home if needed. They’ll work with you to find a better match so everyone is happy.

Adopting feels good

There’s nothing like the first time a timid cat hops onto your lap for a cuddle or seeing them settling into a cosy cat bed by the fire instead of roaming the streets. Your rescue cat might have had a really tough start to their life, so knowing that you’re giving them the safe, warm, and happy home they deserve really does feel great.

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