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4 tips to keep your cat safe this winter

Long winters can be hard on cats, as they tend to spend more time indoors and can get restless and there’s more to keeping them happy than just extra cat toys and play at this time of year. We take a look at some of the common hazards cats face at this time of year and how to avoid them.

1) Be careful with your car

Your car can host many hazards for your cat in winter. Cats are attracted to the taste of antifreeze, which can be fatal if ingested. When topping up your car’s antifreeze, be sure to clean up any spillages thoroughly and if you suspect your cat has ingested it, call a vet straight away. Signs can include vomiting, increased urination, shallow breathing or being very lethargic.

Make sure you also give your car bonnet a little tap and check your wheels before driving anywhere in winter, as cats sometimes hide on a wheel arch for warmth from the engine and outdoor shelter.

2) Provide shelter and a litter tray indoors

If you can, provide an outdoor shelter for your cat at this time of year for when they do want to pop outside. You can purchase outdoors cat houses or perhaps you have a shed you can install a cat flap in and pop a bed inside. If you don’t normally have a litter tray in the house, put one in place during winter. Even if your cat normally goes outside, they may prefer to have somewhere safe and warm to go to when the temperatures get very low. A lot of cats, especially senior cats, will stay in overnight in winter too, so it’s key to make sure they have access to a toilet during these longer periods inside.

3) Check their paws!

If your cat is spending time outside in winter, make sure you check their paws when they come home. If it has been icy, wet or snowy, give them a wipe with a damp tissue. This will ensure any ice, or salt grit from the road doesn’t get trapped and cause longer-term problems. If your cat is long-haired, be particularly careful in snowy weather as snow can compact between their toes and become very painful.

4) Keep their water topped up

Lots of cats prefer to drink outside, but at this time of year their usual outdoor spots can freeze over. Make sure you keep their bowls topped up indoors (especially with the heating on drying them out!) and clean and top up any outdoor water bowls regularly.

Being aware of all of the above will ensure your cat has a safe and warm winter. Plus check out our range of heated mats, snuggly radiator beds and cosy caves to keep them extra happy in the cold weather!