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3 tips to help stop a pulling dog

For certain breeds of dog, pulling on the lead just goes along with the notion of a walk. Larger dogs such as the Husky or Malamute, or maybe just excitable dogs such as Labradors, will all try their very best to dictate where they want to go on the walk, and not the other way around. Here are some tips to help reduce this sort of behaviour, and make their daily exercise less of a workout for your arms.

1: Halti Collar

You may have seen these sorts of nose-band collars and moved away from them, they do look a little intimidating to some owners. However, the process behind them is quite clever. Once attached, it wraps over their nose and whenever they start pulling, you can use the nose-band collar to more effectively control the movement of their head by applying light pressure. This can save your arm some work and help steer you and your pooch back on track.

2: Lure method

This is for the more budget-friendly owner, as all you'll need is the treat bag. This works well for dogs with high food motivation, such as Labradors. Whenever your dog starts to pull, stop walking and call them back to your side with a treat. Once at your side you can either give the treat to them there or keep it by your side as motivation while you walk a few paces with your dog in heel. Then, reward your dog and repeat on a regular basis to make sure the behaviour is learned.

3: Pick the right lead

Make sure the type of lead you are using is the right one for your dog. If your dog is pulling hard on the lead, make the switch to a fixed lead, or go one step further and get a harness. Some harnesses are designed to stop pulling, with specific anchor points to help guide your dog, but for some dogs, having the extra restraint helps bring them in much quicker.

Hopefully, this list helps you and your pooch enjoy walks more going forward! Don't forget to check out our range of harnesses and collars here.