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3 things to consider when buying dog chew toys

It is imperative to give your furry companion appropriate toys to ensure that he gets a sufficient amount of regular exercise. Keeping your dog active is vital for lowering the risk of him becoming overweight and experiencing medical issues.

Picking a dog chew toy may appear to be straightforward, yet there are crucial elements you must take into consideration - we have listed them below.

1. Is the toy hard-to-destroy?

When deciding on a dog chew toy, you will need to opt for ones that are tough and long-lasting - toys that are manufactured using durable materials, like nylon and elastic, are preferable. It is fundamental to understand that hard toys are much safer than soft and squishy ones. This is because soft toys can be a choking hazard since they can break easily.

Furthermore, ensure that you avoid toys made using harmful materials such as mercury, arsenic, and lead.

Note that while tough dog toys are hard to destroy, they're not indestructible. Therefore, it is recommended that you inspect the chew toy from time to time to ensure that bits have not broken off.

2. Is the toy an appropriate size?

You need to think about the size of your dog’s mouth prior to buying any chew toy. In the event that the purchased toy is excessively small, there is a high risk of the dog choking on it or swallowing it whole, which would lead to an intestinal blockage. Then again, if the toy is too large, the dog may not want to play with it.

3. Would this toy suit my dog’s personality?

You can't buy a toy and undermine your dog’s character. Plush toys are never a good choice for a dog who likes to bite on things or who has a more boisterous character. Nonetheless, a dog with anxiety won't ever like noisy or squeaky toys. Consider what your pet would appreciate before purchasing a dog chew toy.

A last word from us

In conclusion, it is essential that you consistently buy toys that your dog will love and avoid those which pose a health and safety risk and contain toxic materials.

Take as much time as needed to play with your furry friend, as your dog will appreciate this bonding time with his owner. Also, don’t forget to pick toys that perfectly fit his special character.